Loving me is pain!

You say you love me but you talk to me with such hostility

You say you love me but you break me down emotionally

You say you love me but you always bring up the past

You say you love me but you cause me so much pain

You say you love but you constantly criticize me

You say you love me but everything I do is not good enough


Why does your love feel so terrible?

Your love does not make me feel safe

Your love is not something I look forward to

They say love conquers all but does it really

Your love causes blisters

Your love causes tears

Your love causes the deepest emotional scars

Your love makes my heart bleed

You say you love me but to me all I see is hatred


Hate can be love and vice versa

What I experience with you is hate

I feel the venom in your voice when you speak

I see the feelings in your eyes when you look at me

The way you treat me is unbearable 

Hate is such a wrong emotion

To me what you represent is HATE!


This poem is about: 
My family


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