Is That Why You Care?

Yeah, I was sad when Robin Williams died

I sat there and watched as my whole family cried

But what got me was the outrage that came from his suicide

Yet, nobody cared this much when Lelah Alcorn died

I think it's gotten to where society as a whole

Doesn't really care whether or not you lost your soul

They only care about the money you made

The bills that go unpaid

The ones you left behind because no one even noticed the signs

And it's ridiculous that no one even really cares

Except if you're famous

If you're rich

If you had nice hair

And they hate you if you're different

Some even are glad you died

Because you dressed different and wore clothes that weren't your size

It's disgusting

The lack of attention that the depressed get today

And people wonder why suicide won't go away.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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