Trap in a World


Im trap in a world where there noUnderstandingWere my mother is never AcceptingWere my boyfriend is never too LovingWere my family is almost not worth Killing I imagine myself dyingStabbingShootingAt myselfBeing trap in a world of pain andMisery I imagineLovePainDeathSocietyEverything that deals in the worldOf the living I wish ofAcceptanceMagicAnd FeelingsThat I understand in a way wereI'm understanding in society I picture myself as BipolarPsychoCrazy evenOr a little insane PicturingKindnessFearfulnessAnd rainTo make me HappyAgain, Again in this world ofMisunderstandingOf meOf people like meOf people who want to be freeOf life Life that makes us killThat makes us dieOf suicideOf lustOf freedomOf misunderstanding one anotherOf love that never help us Of love that never saves usOf love that leads us toHeartaches That leads to tortureThat leads to shameThat leads to me dying Again I need help you'll sayWriting these poems makes meCrazyIt's a cure for meI break from my sinsMy way of saying things what I FeelAlmost everyday My pain of misunderstandingMy pain of never being acceptingMy pain of livingIn a world were peopleAre misleadingAnd non caringA world were I live Wanting to escape meAs I want to escape everything 


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