This Woman


She does not know when to behave,

never asked me if I am ok,

criticizing and jabbing at my brain,

the pounding heartbreaking pain.

She knows there is someone to blame,

but why me? have i ever given her shame?

Accusing me of all of her distortion,

never opening her eyes that maybe I wish she would have had an abortion.

From blame to pain this is a never ending game.

She always says what she wants and can easily get away with it,

while I sit in silence for if I spoke up I would be a disgrace.

i am her own fucking daughter for christ sakes!

Showing some compassion seems to be the wooden stake.

Of all of the love in this world she has given me the leftover of a short stick,

no matter how hard I try this always makes me sick.

The elder brothers don't ever make sense

agreeing with her but promoting my defense.

I am the youngest so everything is tense

but hopefully in the end this will all make some sense.


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