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"HEART OF A MAN" Even though rock cracks. And the heart of ordinary man easily cut, but an extraordinary man's mind hardly perverse. My heart is fixed #c9_fm
Me: "Was it easy?" Him: "Was what easy?" Me: "How one day you considered me your everything and the next day you decided this love was nothing. That we were nothing. That I was nothing."
    Sitting in a white room. what will happen next?   Sitting in this cold room knowing that tomorrow i'll get yelled at… for being in this room
It's So Easy, You Can Do it, Don't Be Stupid.They Shout Over And OverCompletely Unaware ThatIt's Not Easy, I Cant Do It, I Am Stupid.I Constantly Struggle To UnderstandTo Get It RightTo Pass The Test
I want to genuinely smile and have real friends that make me laugh.. Even more than that - I really want to get my life back on track... But it's hard to have hope for the future - cause I just can't let go of the past....
My coach is someone who cares Someone who works hard, despite his gray hairs During the tough times or the relaxed days I always strive to hear his praise The praise of a coach is not easily earned
Ode to the Hard Holidays Whether it’s Christmas Family coming together Celebrate the birth of Christ Gratefulness Whether it’s Thanksgiving
It is not me who over thinks. It is you who does the over thinked.
Dear Future,
Rora wakes up to the sound of Monday morning news, except, she doesn’t know what it’s talking about:  nonsense, fighting over agreeing,  two sides of the same coin.  The nurse comes rushing, 
Make a house out of the bricks you have, they said, But I didn’t know how to put this all in my head; Raise the roof with only one hand, they cried.
Today is the day I have a date today With a guy who just seems great He is just like me in countless ways We have the same order at Subway
I made this bed Here for two I wait an hour I can't move   I want him here He said he'd try I know he is I can't cry   Its not fair He's so great
I am a tsunami. The water waxes and wanes at my will, Captivating and crucifying the shoreline.   You are a wildfire. Endowed with incalculable miles, Extinguished by the hands of others.
My life is quite strange, I honestly don’t know why, I’m sad nowadays,   It’s not like I’m hit, They don’t starve me or hurt me, It’s me who hurts me,   I don’t see my worth,
Throughout our childhoods,  we’re taught to trust in the things shoved down our throats by the tv screens, We don’t know they're lies of course,  It’s all so real to us, it’s all we know,
Slow, cringed movements Small breaths, rapid Sapped, every ounce of strength, gone Sun is beating down, blaring hot Sweat drips off of my forehead
As I sit here,Pondering what I would take,On a deserted island,For my life's sake.I can think but of one necessity,For me to survive,My brother is who I'd choose.We are lethal when together,
    Can't you hear me, give me achance, hear my screaming, I'm begging you now. When did this happen? It happened so fast, one night you're winning, the next one you're smashed.
What would you know, About me and my plight? Have you heard me scream for dear life? Have you seen my inability to talk, Incapable of expressing myself, Unless it is by paper, by words.
Late night woken, barely alive. struggling to see the light through other's eyes. covered in darkness, covered to the core. try to show people me, but they don't see the sores.  
One word to describe our relationship? Brutal To others we may seem broken 
"Footsteps through the fire But I don't feel a thing  Burning even brighter I sour on angel wings Down in a ditch I can see the light If I could only reach I try with all my might
where do we fit?how can we squeeze?is there more to it or to the universe are we just a sneeze?   I often wonder how often other people pout on the pretty
We are born fragileNo idea of the experiences to comeThe urge to survive is strongOnly through hardshipsWill we gain wisdom and power  
I can't seem to contain these feelings Bottled up inside me Every time my heart sees you it sings Of what I want us to be  Crushes seem so complicated why is it so difficult it just gets me frustrated
Am I a flea struggling to free myself from the web of a spider, Or am I a leprechaun skipping to the end of a rainbow? Am I a chameleon who camouflages from turmoil, Or am I a butterfly eager to escape from my pinfold?
Here's to all the kids who make it through the end of the day and wake up for the next one  even though all they really want to do  is stay  and hide away.  
Life some time throws some ha
We’ve always shared the words we never speak
I'm gunna make it baby, yeah I'm determined to 
Every answer is a lie, Every night it all unfolds. Only when I'd rather die Is when the truth is told.   Every answer is one I hide, It scares me more than you know Because when I search,
Writing a poem is pretty hard As lines can come out quite jarred Just like life you must keep up your guard Or be threatened and emotionally scarred
Love is not a choice. It is like falling asleep Or floating gently And landing in someone’s heart. But love is also an action. It is like learning to walk: You start by crawling
I persist,  Even when I do not wish to do so. The problems keep rising, and there's little I can do to control them. They are boundless,
Through the crack in the wall, a streak of light spills on the ground.
Blind Ambition Keeps me wishin' I had someone like You   Orange burst of passion Purple mist
I remember the shouting. Hearing the screams behind closed doors.
Your like a ripple in the water- Jou just brush agents my feet before fading away Your scared to welcome it in lurk you use to- You were hurt to much in to short a time You've gone mad in grief
These feelings that I've felt Are not the kind that humans feel. And most of these atrocities Have spun me like a wheel. I've lost hope for escaping And can no longer see
i put my cap down as i arrive temperture prospered beyond 85   its summer looking for a job   dam  not having one made my momma cry  time showing the change my mind  blaze with rage 
There’s a waiting line at the door…tick!There’s a family of seven, three kids…tick!There’s no more juice...tick!We just ran out of tomato…tick!Kid number two just spilled his soda…tick!
Everything all at once Or the chance to do nothing at all
I strive and strive to reach the top. Never ever thinking to stop. All I hear is “Go harder, Keep pushing!” and “Be number 1!” But what if number 2 is all I got? They claim words don’t hurt,
Don’t mind me. I’m just passing through. I’m neither here nor there And I won’t be stopping. Don’t mind me. Excuse me, pardon me I’m only passing through. I gave up long, long ago
A life worth living No matter the giving Worth blood, sweat, tears-all spitting
I love you like a fire burning with desire A love so strong that I've felt so long A love so deep that I can't even sleep A love so real that I can't help but feel
It seems so far away And the road never smooths The thistles keep on sticking Its seems that there will always be grooves   That goals are just wishful thinking,
It’s hard to be happy when life is so sad. It’s hard to be glad when everyone’s mad. It’s hard to love when there’s no one to trust.
I'm slipping. You make me so confused sometimes. I'm still trying to figure out if you're good for me. You take my breath away. But, don't I need to breathe? I'm confused.
I wish it could be over. I wish it could be done. I wish that I could leave you, But this battle’s never won.   You frustrate me to pieces, And drive me up the wall.
I hate when you don't sit by me, I hate it the same when you stay. I hate when our eyes, they meet, I hate it more when you quickly look away. I hate the feelings that come to me when you say you're my friend,
I'll remember this next time, Next time I won't fall so hard. Next time I won't cry... Next time. I'll remember this next time, Next time I won't step up so quick, Next time I won't ask...
That rush you dread as life crashes towards you, Barreling through with unspoken emotions. Guilt, remorse, and weariness threads a shadow, A fifty-foot tower right over you.  
  She ask the teacher for the pass so she can get out of class. That teacher teach too much and she don’t care if she pass. Her environment had her turning. No time for learning.
It's crazy how things change, the type of isshh that'll make you feel strange. I dont belong here, im not wanted.
The nights are blue, as well as my shoe.  You make me ill i really must spillMy failure to keep my gpa strongYou must be upset the add's not goneThis has no rhyme but i hope i get a dime!
Words are loaded, tongues are sharp speaking bullets, missing marks conversation in crossfire tensions like we're in trenches and still this isn't the hardest part   Dropping bombs, explode, remark
Have you ever felt true peace And your worries just cease You feel the earth is your release Now it’s time to unleash   I love that brilliant white powder Then I turn my music louder
Thoughts fluttering my conscience mind as I try to unwind from time spent making seven twenty-five and a dime. How can I be at ease knowing that I have two mouths to feed and no one to take heed to the pain that is felt within. 
Writing a poem is easy I say I’ll do this right now to pass time away But suddenly I feel my brain start to daze Before I know it my eyes are glazed This could easily be a piece of cake
Affixed on the sight of my final destinationMy eyes do not wander to the path beneath my feet.Though time has seemed to stopI travel silently onward,Forever aware of the coarse sand wearing away
Can you hear the screams and my dreams that are dieing slowly? My parents keep saying they did their best, that I can have the best, but that I can never rest. With sweat slipping through each follicle. Where are my brothers and sisters?
Why do You turn a blind eye to Your faultsYou pretend You've done nothing wrongLike You were perfect and had my best interest at heartBut yet its so hard for us to get along
I will never be the same. never be okay, but I’ll keep walking. left foot right foot   left foot right foot left foot
Are you different? Are you alone? I know my answer. Are you a clone? Life isn't fair, Just another tragedy. In which losing Is the only strategy.
Just release the bad, Invite the good and you'll see A life meant to be
Back and forth, back and forth, runnin down the court Can't imagine anything. Nothing stronger, im the king of this court, come at me brother.
In some parts of me I hate it; In some parts of me it feels right. But nothing in life is peachy, Nothing in life is gray. Tough decisions and Hard changes. Easy miles, then cruel sprints;
People want EVERYTHING you have but fail to realize there was a time you had NOTHING. All they see are the good days that go so well, they always seem to miss the days everything fail.
Chip, Chip, Chip I chip away at the stone with a chizel. Its a large grey mass blocking out the sun. It's covered in a thin layer of speckely dirt. The stone is so hard my chizel can not break through.
I heard it's unusual yet beautiful That feeling to love hard Sometimes I question love and ask where does love start Where does love end I mean does love end And is love what lust is when lust plays pretend
There's so much stress The last forty days of school With all of the reports and papers Books and projects Filling out papers Application after application All asking the same questions
~i waited patiently… as if my turn was next i was just as naive as you thinking that you were the best you watched him cheat but you forgot about the rest forgave him time after time
Slam what you will, Slam what you may, but you must always seize the day.
The sky is clear, but in this cage it is hard to notice. This cage that constricts me from seeing beyond the bars is unbearable, and I am unable to set myself free.
Too many decisions. What decisions are going to make my life right? Thats all i am thinking about on this sleepless night. Sometimes i want to give up. Why cant life be simple? This stress makes me tremble.
... as years, months and days pass by, I always think of you. wonderin' whether you are thinkin of me. one day we will find away back to eachother knowing that we belong to one another. when I hold you, I will feel secure.
FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST! Black America has been inspired By these words from the past But are we truly free? This question puzzles me? When our fellow brothers and sisters
Life’s not meant to be lived easily It’s not easy to live life peacefully Hardships has been beating me recently If only I can live this life decently But I’m hitting obstacles constantly
Distance makes the heart grow fonder but the wait just feels so much longer truth sets in and the realization hits memories of the past come back in bits how can it hurt so much
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