Love Is

Thu, 12/11/2014 - 04:39 -- kb97

Love is not a choice.

It is like falling asleep

Or floating gently

And landing in someone’s heart.

But love is also an action.

It is like learning to walk:

You start by crawling

And when you fall

You choose to get back up.

You cannot just fall out of love.

If you can

Then it was never really love

In the first place.

If real love ends it was a choice,

Not a coincidence.

Love can be hard

But that doesn’t mean

That it’s not real,

That it’s not genuine.

All it means is that you’re human.

Love can be hard

But that doesn’t mean

That it’s not worth it

That you should stop trying.

But just because you love them

Does not mean that they are worth it.

Love should not hurt

And if it always hurts

Then they will never deserve it.

But instead of fearing the fall

Know that you will get back up

With or without them

And try again

And again

And again.


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