What Would You Know

What would you know,

About me and my plight?

Have you heard me scream for dear life?

Have you seen my inability to talk,

Incapable of expressing myself,

Unless it is by paper, by words.

Unless it is by songs.


What would you know,

About the scars that I hide?

Not on my skin, but in my mind.

How much have you said?

How much have you hurt?

Have you've ever felt the pain in your own words?


How would you know,

The twisted game I play?

That I avoid the mirror in many ways.

That I fake my smile to hide away,

The words I say to myself everyday.

The voice that echos through my mind,

Keeping me feeling empty inside.


How would you know,

That I hate my body?

That I live in my mind?

That I've learned to keep it all inside?

I won't let you see I'm in pain,

That your words have made your mark,

So I cry alone in the dark.


How would you know,

I try so hard to open up?

I've been hurt by others,

I fear for my heart.

So here I write it all out,

I give it all up.

I give you a glimpse of what's in my heart.


Now, how would I know,

That others feel the same?

I don't, but I'm sure we've all felt pain.

So now that you know,

I get that it's hard,

We need to let go.


What would you know,

About the difficulty I faced to write this?

That it is my right to share my wish.

To see no judgement, in this stupid world.

To see people be given an opportunity

With no judgement and prejudice.

Nobody knows the full story,

So think before you speak.

What would you know,

Of the story we all seek?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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