I want to sleep with you

And just sleep
Lay in your arms
And just weep
Cause what you put into this world
Isn't always what you reap 
Your arms feel so strong around me
Please hold me 'till I stop crying 
Whisper in my ear
So I don't hear the world lying  
You're the only one who can see 
That I feel like I'm dying 
Pull me to bed with you
And just lay with me all night 
Because if I'm honest with myself 
I'm not alright 
Squeeze me 
Hold me together with all your might 
This world is unfair
But you already know
You have your own pace
So you're labeled 'slow'
They ignore you and complain
'Til only I can see your glow 
But I can help
I can take away your pain
And you can take mine
With only love to gain
And our love shall be
As constant as the rain
So let's lay in each others arms
And just sleep


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