Trust in These Words

Throughout our childhoods, 

we’re taught to trust in the things shoved down our throats by the tv screens,

We don’t know they're lies of course, 

It’s all so real to us, it’s all we know,

but what do we get when the lies start to get harder to shove down,

When the sickly sweet sugar coating starts to burn our tongues,

and we feebly bat your hands away,

Begging you to give the truth, 

in hopes that it can cool the inferno that the lies left inside,

You write off the screams of agony as mindless teenage rebellion,

You disregard the bloodied wrists and pill overdoses as nothing but a hormonal overreaction,

You throw us out into the world, naive and terrified, 

unable to even fathom the thoughts of the cruel, 

disgusting things that rule the hearts of the damned, 

We’re expected to jump feet first into the assembly lines,

We have to follow the rules, be the useless mediocre who covets more,

We have to be perfect christians, perfect children, perfect everything,

The slightest hint of weakness is snuffed out,

Just a few feeble souls, 

not worth the ink it’d take to write their name in the book of the forgotten,

We are said to be the future, We have to be better and brighter,

But with the claws of our past constantly dragging us back down,

Only God knows if we make it out alright


This poem is about: 
Our world


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