A Gift

Life’s not meant to be lived easily
It’s not easy to live life peacefully
Hardships has been beating me recently
If only I can live this life decently
But I’m hitting obstacles constantly
A pattern hitting consistently
My world is filled with anarchy
It’s my world, so I should rule like monarchy.
Still, ruling my world is hard to me
Happiness is close, sadness is far from me.
Living for those who passed is for the stars to see
But happiness’s always hard to see
I still search for the treasure
Stretch the possibilities to all measures
Whether the weather will be hotter or wetter
There’s always a place for shelter
Underneath his wings makes me better
Smiling without pressure
Feeling warm from his wings and feathers
Take me high to perfect height
Nothing holding me down tight
I’m like a loosed kite
That keeps taking flight
Living the endless nights
Bright stars keeping life right
Celestial shines keeping me fine
Dine up in the cloud nine.
Reality isn’t fake.
Whatever life throws at you
Is a gift to take.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

its about strength

its about character

its about gratitude

this poem is a reminder of embracing all you have

great job

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