all i want is you <333


United States
44° 8' 24.1116" N, 103° 11' 49.5852" W

... as years, months and days pass by, I always think of you. wonderin' whether you are thinkin of me. one day we will find away back to eachother knowing that we belong to one another. when I hold you, I will feel secure. when I look into your eyes, i will see our future. when I touch you, i know that I will l♥ve you forever. when we are on our seperate ways,. i know that no matter what TRUST will always be a huge factor that will take its place. most of all: honesty, faith, and respect will play its part and no matter what happens, only death will do us part. I know you're still out there waiting for me and one day "LoVE" will take place


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