Writing a poem is easy


Writing a poem is easy I say

I’ll do this right now to pass time away

But suddenly I feel my brain start to daze

Before I know it my eyes are glazed

This could easily be a piece of cake

If only my body would just stay awake

My haze begins as I start to sway

But writing a poem is easy I say


Writing a poem is tedious I sigh

I begin to have urges of wanting to die

Who writes poetry during the night!

My mind continues to give up the fight

I can finish this later I start to lie

Since writing a poem is tedious I sigh


Writing a poem is arduous I shout

Every little phrase leaves me with doubt

There’s no reason to finish this mess of a trout

The audacity to even assume I was stout

Forgetting what writing is even about

Where’s my passion and integrity to see this thing out

Writing a poem is arduous I shout


I wrote my poem I finally cheer

I can feel my smile reach from ear to ear

I’ll share it with all the creatures who’ll hear

Even if my excitement causes a sneer

After pushing my self I learned quite a lot

Maybe I’ve got more than I thought

This victory to me is something quite dear

Because I finally wrote my poem I cheer


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