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It's crazy how things change, the type of isshh that'll make you feel strange. I dont belong here, im not wanted. I guess thats why my heart stay broken, woke up one day and thank god for not having my life taken, I was mistaken for i girl in this big real, big guys, big cars, big scars to fill up my empty heart. Inspiration to thoes who have it all, Thank you my so callled friends for the pity, you know a shoulder to cry on. While i die on. Inspiration from my mother who beat me till there was blood everywhere thank you god for keeping me here. Inspiration to the lies i was told the abadonment that i behold in my heart my hand i kept pushing as this lovely man, who was a friend a father of mine MY father who inserted 2 fingers inside of me that he knew wasnt right for me but who cares when your suppose to be the Inspiration to a 9yr old girl. Welcome to my world or should i call it cry world from the pain i felt as i rocked myself to sleep, at one point i couldnt eat, Inspiration from the smoke around me, calling out my name Brittany you know your nothing with out me. It sound good but the pain felt better, I wrote a letter to my mother to show her i loved her, i guess the feeling wasnt mutual when i felt her hand across my face. They say Brit be patient, so im waiting on my turn. My mind racing, my heart burn, from the running, What am i running from? Inspiration, from all the things i was told that were right, Thank you god for keeping me here. I have stop running because i have seen another year, I am still here Inspiration is my teachers that showed me that i didnt have to shed anymore tears. Thank you god that im here. Welcome to my world were i make straight A's because i didnt let my background tear me down. Inspiration from all my friends that wanted to make it. Thank you god for this poem i wrote to myself just to get my feelings down, but now realizing that i have a gift to change a young person life with a couple of words. Your not alone your Resilient just like me and we endured the same pain so never feel ashamed feel INSPIRATION.

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

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