I wish it could be over.

I wish it could be done.

I wish that I could leave you,

But this battle’s never won.


You frustrate me to pieces,

And drive me up the wall.

You’ve made me cry a dozen times,

And make me want to fall.


I’ve tried to understand you;

Your increasing complex nature.

Just as I finally understand,

Something new comes into the picture.


Giving up is what I’d do

If I wasn’t eternally bound to you.


No matter what I always think

Of you each day, in just a blink.


If I ran away to London,

Or even down to Peru.

Anywhere I could possibly go

I’d always be stuck to you.


Sometimes you leave me

With nothing but joy,

As you praise me

With your ways.


At other times

My heart sinks low

And I freeze

For what feels like days.


Like me you have


And really enjoy

Your pi.


Unfortunately I can’t

Unravel your mystery,

No matter how

Hard I try.


I will strive

To comprehend your

Puzzle that leaves

Me full of wrath.


Problem by problem,

Chapter by chapter.

I’m forever bound

To Math.


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