Beautifully Brutal

One word to describe our relationship?


To others we may seem broken 

torn wrong and down right wrong to others we may seem like a broken record playing over andover again to others they think your wrong for meto others they believe I deserve betterto others they believe your a poison in my lifebut what they don’t know is what you’ve done for meYou’ve talked me out of attempts multiple timescalmed me down countless times stuck by me numerous times forgiven me lots of times and one they don’t know saved my life once That one time you saved me….they don’t know about to me they don’t need to…Why? Because to me you don’t need to impress them YOU saved my life once and thats enough for me to believe that you love me Yes we fight we get over protective we get jealous we even break up at times but to me I don’t see just those moments I think of the moments where I’m just looking at you cause1. your hot and2. i am lucky enough to have a guy like you I think of the moments where were just laughing either about my logic or yours I think of those moments where your just being a complete dork I think of those moments where I’m kissing your cheek and neck cause I can I think of those moments where we're talking about our possible future together I think of those moments where I’m in your arms And my head is on your chest and I can hear your heart beatin that moment to me your real real in the way that your my boyfriend your my ride or die your my teddy bear your my grease monkey So yes I say our relationship is brutalbut I'd pick brutal over normal any day….  

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