Zion's Trinity

I heard it's unusual yet beautiful
That feeling to love hard
Sometimes I question love and ask where does love start
Where does love end
I mean does love end
And is love what lust is when lust plays pretend
Funny thing about love is we always doubt it
We don't notice when have it but we notice when we're without it
I rejected it
Neglected it
Expected it and put up barricades so I would never have to mess with it
Blessed be the child that finds and doesn't make a mess of it
I heard that love was so broad you could never get the gist of it
Love will come like cavalry storming upon my kingdom
I'll meet love head on but I won't react defensively
I'll let it take hold as it consumes me relentlessly
And then I'll look up to Zion and accept what it has sent for me
It'll slide across my skin and return me to my divinity
Me, Her, Zion the most holy trinity


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