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The gentle tiptoe of feet down the hall, My eyes opening, morning has come, Creep down the hall with back pressed tightly against the wall, What is this? Do my eyes decieve?
A little person sits across from me framed by the wall Hands can't find a place to rest and lips poised to speak.
Walking through this springtime land Full of dark woods and fields Where daisies grow and lilies stand By running brooks that laugh and reel
I live my whole life on top of the game my grades were just the same I try the best  and ace my test. distractions? when I'm working on fractions  my mind clears out 
The cost of college Many see just the money Ignoring lost life
Tying my shoe: Not something I used to do. Flying to work: An adulting task with cash as a perk.   The value of a dollar: A bit of knowledge I learned to accept.
It’s 2017 I don’t belong here. This town is trapped in a white bubble. I am trapped here In this school In this house In my head Everyone looks the same Like there is only one way to be
she kept walking away from all the noise trying,  for just one second to give her head a  moment of silence.   but the problem arose time and time again, 
  A stranger knocked upon my door I went to run away To hide upstairs inside my room Until they’d gone away  
My glow upTo a grown upWasn't a gradual growIt was the involvement of a stormOne that I couldn't controlI was pushed into a situationFull of so much frustrationBetween multiple parties
once upon a time i showed my age by holding up this many i wanted to be an astronaut or a doctor i was afraid of everything but had an unwavering curiosity.
Growing Pains When young I thought of life as sweet and kind,But since then I've been faced with growing pains.A life of innocence, I've left behindExchanged for all that growing up contains.
A little version of myself, scrawls words under "Dear future me" on a post it, hides it behind a frame, tries to forget it exists.   A bigger version of myself, reads the words on that post it,
One day you’re walking through your house, the only home you’ve ever known, pacifier and blanket in hand- not knowing you’re a seed just waiting to be blown.   You’ve moved out and are in college
it started when i was little.   no one believes me, but   i remember.   i remember  the first moment i wasn't able to breathe, the first time i thought about death, 
"Grow up!" Even the shadows seem to scream echoing thoughts of teachers, of friends, of family, of me.
My Mother was never here, she hoped I can understand. If only she knew the pain and troubles she’s left us in our hands.   Raising 2 at the age of 10, with ever no luck left in sight.
The Door… Always that Door… Taunting, chilling, mocking. Heart racing, hands sweating, panic-stricken. Handle turning, hand on my back, gentle but firm push, through the Door, closing click.
From the day I was conceived  I was told I was protected  Set in a little bubble  A child so Reserved   So shy and so mellow   
I realized I was grown up When I learned to apply makeup And when I went through my first break up There were a lot of things that molded me Into everything I wanted to be
I was 14 and pregnant, and didn't even know As soon as I found out, I was about to explode. A freshman in high school, still barely a kid, "Is she going to finish high school?" was the new bid.
Grown-ups aren't as old as they seem I know people who are older yet still younger than me   Regardless of age, grown-ups are mentally dry Many will claim that they're not that kind of guy  
Grown-ups aren't as old as they seem I know people who are older yet still younger than me   Regardless of age, grown-ups are mentally dry Many will claim that they're not that kind of guy  
Beliefs of masculinity   Filled my head;  Drowned my creativity  And left me for dead.    Fueled by tradition,  It was society’s mission  To restrict my expression;  And keep me misled. 
I remember always being there for everyone  I remember holding onto fake friend  I remember holding onto people not worth my time  I remember holding onto people friends who didn’t bother checking up on me 
When I was young I used to look up to many things; clouds, the stars, and up at you.   You towered over me when I was small, but now we’re even. After all I  
Five. Disneyland, princesses, and stuffed animals. Ten. Elementary school, firends, and drama.  13? High school. Sports teams. Classes.  15? Fear... Judgement... Silence... 17...
To all the mermaids at the ocean floor in corral cities still living with their parents, haunted
Dear birth, you are a mere 19 years away but still unseeable. The only moment where I was able to be anything I could imagine. Gosh, I can only imagine how beautiful I was when I first bloomed.
I remember always holding on to everything. I remember holding onto my dad. I remember holding onto my first boyfriend even when he begged me to let go. I remember holding onto a friend that wouldn't text back.
She was chained by the prejudice surrounding her, ignorance being her saving grace This little girl, of age five, was stripped of her innocence
In the warmth of her arms, I was safe Her words with their reassuring ways. Until oceans rose with suffocating waves Rained down with the scary truth of today.   Nothing will ever feel right anymore
In the world of white houses, red doors, and white picket fences, I was there, Black girl in the suburbs living her best life, Always taught to work twice as hard as other students because...
I'm sorry Is what I want to say to you Remember when we strolled around the town  and bathed in the waving shade of trees  We were so small then  and the world was small too
A Sleepover Invitation     Where we planned to stay up all night   But the air was cold so we got in bed  
I can remember wishing I had lighter skin Ashamed that my melanin didn’t fit in Her Ivory skin Tulip lips Seafoam eyes stared at me
When I was little I drew a picture. Depicted was a far away future. In that picture I drew a profession, which I don’t believe would have left much impression
I have a full set of teeth And their roots run deep So I am in tune with their needs And their pain tortures me also- In a way they do not understand   I have a full set of teeth
I’ve never seen such grey in her eyes before. Where did the sun go? That spark that I so deeply admired? Who is it, what was it, that made her go dark?
I am Leslie. The city of angels is my home, I like going around to roam. My sign is the ram, I like doing things with a bam. I am a bookworm,
A much older boyfriend A heart full of sorrow No idea I would be better tomorrow A broken heart teaches you a lot Not all relationships will last That's why ours is now in the past A much older ex
There’s nothing you can do to stop it. It will happen with or without you. Eleven years all on your own. Well, just you and those other two. Brother! Sister! Twins! Brother! You’re the oldest sibling now!
On to the next place she was on to the next mistake another man who promised her the world.   As her dreams came crashing to a halt did she wonder what would become of me?
I packed my bags and got on the plane the same plane that had carted me across the world five years prior   I thought my childhood was ending then ripping me away from what was familiar
I felt it in the wind knotting my hair. I felt it as my eyes squinted to the sun. I felt it as the radio played And the air blew on my face.   I was in control Of life, fate, and death.
Nothing can beat Knowing yourself 91 years old   I Know I Know I Know I'm in good Health Depression could never swallow me I feel like the lottery You should be blessed you played your numbers
I glow and grow when I learn new things Like navigating new places I learn to live and mingle making friends And bonding with new friendly face Everyone will pay attention to hip new trends
Dylan Schmidt     For some people 18 is a magic number.
Sadness The emotion I felt when I heard the news of the divorce I knew it was inevitable but still Longing for a family, I hoped Looking at my siblings I knew Growing up I had to do
I thought I had it all figured out until that test hit me like a ton of bricks. I now had two lives to care of at the age of 20. Mama, you need to grow. You looked to me for care, guidance and all the answers to the world.
If there is something I hate, It will be change News are told Knew it would come but not so soon Go pale, wonder where the past years gone Ones where no care was given 
quiet is how i remained as she told me she wanted to die   still is how i stood 
When I was ten I learned of ends. I moved away from my best friends. My eyes were dry, they said "goodbye" That was the hottest day in July. Since then I have made my amends.
Do you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be? Do you remember the child you used to be? So innocent and carefree...
"If you were to write a letter to your younger self, what would you tell them?" This question has been asked of me at every milestone but what would happen if you just time-capsuled a note for later.
Hearts are not malleable Naturally. They rage and fight and burn, for all to see.   But Life comes, and views them and says, "Come, let us take of this material and mkae something good."  
Stepdaddy never showed up for my birthday party even though Momma called. He didn’t show up at the hospital when Grandpa couldn’t estimate my carbs. He never showed up again
the growing pains won't disappear, because we stopped growing.  they aren't going to end, just because we aren't forced, to eat broccoli anymore, or smushed peas out of a can.   
I asked my mom why people could'nt get along She told me the world was pain For the birds and the bees won't respect each other  although they were told to love For the skies and seas envied each other
When I was young I had no fears, I had a happy smile and no tears, My friends grew up  and I did too, and I realized I had much more to do, Grades became essential
Just four more minutes, four more minutes of hopeless dreams. Dreams that will never wake, dreams that may never break. All I ask for is these four, to think and see dawn rise. These four minutes, I want as my prize.
A family member, a friend, a cousin Alone, desperate, looking for a place to lay her head A job, a home, a bed KASEY A lie, a betrayal, a death The kind of death that creeps into your veins and lives there
A family member, a friend, a cousin Alone, desperate, looking for a place to lay her head A job, a home, a bed KASEY A lie, a betrayal, a death The kind of death that creeps into your veins and lives there
I could no longer order off a kid’s menu at a sea resort Now that I was ten It seemed almost tragic then To have my childhood cut short Never to be seen again.
I did not know who I was There were things I enjoyed But none took up much more than my peripheral- I was fixated on how and when I would leave.   One day, he walked into my room-
to the girls who just turned 18 don't be a dumbass that 24 year old isn't in love with you especially if he saw you at age 16 and said "i guess i'll wait" he didnt want to watch you mature
I have never been able to say the words out loud. But I definetly know without a doubt, my uncle is gone He left in what seemed like the blink of an eye.  A suprise visit the week before Turkey day 
I couldn’t wait  
where to start where to place the blame where did i stop being a kid maybe it was when my fifth grade teacher told me i couldnt wear shorts skirts because  the boys would look,
I woke up this morning And I was in need I looked at my sheets  And found that I bleed   Sister, Sister Who is so rad Would you mind handing me a pad?  
They didn't tell me it would be like this.That days of freedom would be drowned out by days ridden with anxiety.I knew it was gone for good, the confidence found in innocence.
Shopping list 2009:   Colored pencils Glitter pens Charm bracelets
One, Two I tripped over your shoe Three, Four I stayed there on the floor Five, Six Next to a collection of sticks Seven, Eight It's getting late Nine, Ten
Life used to feel like a game. Fun. Endless. Magical. But the more you learn, the more freedom you receive. Open. Endless. Terrifying.
A cold winter's morning And there stood I Facing my future Eye-to-eye   My rose-colored glasses Had lenses shattered My destiny uncertain My dreams tattered  
I am seven when I learn the world is not fair. One day at my summer day camp, we are all able to tie-dye shirts  and buy snow cones from a colorful truck that lets you pour your own flavors.
Trying to relax on the night shift I put up the sign, it says we’re closed tonight, nice and bright But they keep knocking at the door Can’t they read the sign?
hello, are you the one who’s gone astray? are you where you need to be? have you talked with Him today? no? so, why talk with me?  
...spaces hold us back sometimes.                when I'm alone, I can be found.  no spaces or people to confine me. define, home.    often times my body doesn't move, my head is caged,
The feeling of his heartbeat through my sweater. 
The hand I first grabbed within the firstfew moments of my life,The hand I first held into within my firstfew stepsthe hand I held when crossing the street,the hand I held when I was afraid,
A cold December evening Cold, yes, but warm. A communion of scattered siblings and their makers Rejoicing in the scent of toddies and cinnamon. Gifts are exchanged, Reminders of devotion and gratitude.
To want is not to need; or is it? Is what you crave necessary for your being? Sixteen. Love. A powerful drug.  Mind altering, overwhelming emotion. What is more important, 
Life changed in a blink of an eye for me From paying for ice cream from the ice cream man To paying some bills to keep me afoot I went from having nap time in my class
I know the world doesn't revolve around me but nobody sees the things that I see no one feels the pain I so often breathe push others away, they'd never believe  of the pain that I so often breathe  
September By Kyrie Writes   Oh September Do you remember how the world was colorful? The sun was blinding The days were long
When I was 6, I was told to wear my scariest costume for Halloween day at school And for once, my parents wanted to spoil me, So while everyone at school became witches or skeletons or furries
Cheyanne Smith Bye Santa (Ballad)   Everyone has their climax What a long night it was Childlike joy cries Kill my belief in Santa Claus  
To strangers I am shy, That’s true I don’t say much. To my friends I am reliable,Someone they can always trust.
When life gets you down. Have faith in the man above. For only he knows.
When the world wakes me  I feel the kiss of daylight, and I thank you Lord.
Unborn and already A path has been chosen By those that are not them - To become another cog In the inescapable machine that is society.  
She wonders why she feels this way; Living in the shadows of her pain. Why do they ignore her daily? Is this a sign her efforts are failing? Surely someone has answers for her;
Growth. That moment of  Realization. I need To grab tupperwear. 
Alzheimer's. The diagnosis came my freshman year. My grandfather. One of the hardest things I've had to hear. I taught him all the things,  that he first taught me, how to play a round of cards, 
When you look at me, what do you see? I'm a girl who's full of Humanity. I'm someone who fights for what's right, And does no harm so I can sleep at night.   Do you see who I am? Do you really see,
Beautiful black child Repeat your name until it rolls off the tongue like light rolls off the sun Bright is the spirit of innocence within you
what if your world was ripped apart? Everything you know is ripped from you? This happend when my father came back from over sea's when i was 4 when my dad would beat me and my 3 year old brother.
Little Me Would Be So Proud To See Big Me Being So Happy Little Me Would See  Big Me Making My Dreams Come True Little Me Wouldn’t Give Up So Easy  When She Sees Big Me, Loving Herself  
return to saturn my worries take a new form i must grow, blossom 
Our bones rot and decay  But not yet for me.  As I grow older, I consider my mortality. Time goes by and we don't care to acknowledge. Too busy trying to grow up And ship ourselves of to college,
A train don't seem to go that fast, from far away. Perhaps I should stand back a bit further.  Wouldn't want it to catch up. 
When I was young, It was gray, Mostly, Normal, Or at least I thought, What is a neutral feeling?Truly, I didn’t know,
A piece of paper All that is left At the end of the long-wrought road. Four years of memories Four years of work Four years of teachers Four years of friends
Your sister can’t know – Don’t confuse the kid. She probably knows already You don’t like boys.   Don’t confuse the kid – Sexuality is not fluid. You don’t like boys
The Earth looked at him And asked, "Did you have fun?" He looked to the ground, and said, "What have I done?" The clouds moved aside and  Revealed where she cried. His daughter on a dirty couch,
I used to think I knew everything And then I turned 15 I used to think I had it all And then I turned 16 I used to think the world was mine And I learned that was true When I turned 17
Let's just say although I'm scared we're here today  but my bodies snared.   Little by little my mind adjust I don't know much is this enough?   I say to myself
Within my soul live plenty sparks of fire. You give a warmth so deep that flames arise, No risk, no danger, so why not admire? You change your mind. “Intense” no longer wise.  
Big Nose, I tend to be the center of attention even  when I try to hind behind the big lenses of the world. If I didn't try to look like the rest of the noses I was made fun of.  
Trusting was easy. No one could hurt me, No one could not suddenly hate. A person that is skeptical, Who makes others earn what should be given
Tears of a Father. Cousins I love like a brother. Heart wrenching agony. Suicide...a tragedy. I, just a young who lost his uncle. Became a man in a week.
Tears of a Father. Cousins I love like a brother. Heart wrenching agony. Suicide...a tragedy. I, just a young who lost his uncle. Became a man in a week.
The moment I knew I went from child to womanWas when man entered my mind and set about eternal destructionI found peace only when the fire was controlled by meBut it wasn’t me, it wasn’t meThe real moment I knew I went from child to womanWas when
I Once Had Wings. And they were beautiful. And with them I would soar High Above the ground.
i’d never thought i’d make it far, the path was out of sight; when meaning was unreachable, i’d just turn off the light; my mind would spin in circles, and i did not try to cope;
We entered the warm, humid hospital room, almost the whole family was there. This only happens on holidays, or devastating and mysterious days like this.
You know, You know when you know you grow everyday but you know  when the grow  is so slow its as its no more it feels like it no more you know when you see things differently
Not supposed to be this young Not supposed to be unhappy Not supposed to consider suicide But I was broken.   Supposed to be a happy child. Supposed to live life without fear.
Not supposed to be this young Not supposed to be unhappy Not supposed to consider suicide But I was broken.   Supposed to be a happy child. Supposed to live life without fear.
Much has shaped my life, And from grateful reception,  I now choose to give.
Hidden faces show no imperfections Closed mouths get no attention so I'll keep hidden and I'll stay silent Until I grow just a little bit older
One of my desires is that those insecurities, So rusted and worn they scarcely show displease.
New school, butterflies, bright-eyed, i'm just a teen.   SAT prep, long nights, car drives, i'm just a teen.   third year, FAILED TESTS,