factory reset

i’d never thought i’d make it far,

the path was out of sight;

when meaning was unreachable,

i’d just turn off the light;

my mind would spin in circles,

and i did not try to cope;

my life had little meaning,

my philosophy was hope;


beginning my new journey,

many faces, they don’t see me;

and all it seems my brain can do,

is constantly remind me;

of all the times the dark had come,

and struck, stayed by my side;

told me that i was weak and small,

my brain was never kind


my grades began to slip a bit,

because i did not speak;

and that was when the switch did flip,

seemingly in my dreams


i marched as one with many,

unstoppable at last;

the confidence i needed,

i succeeded and i passed. 


i always have aspired,

wanted my dreams be real;

but what’s an aspiration

if you don’t speak how you feel?


the lessons of the many,

in only a couple years;

YOU are all you have,

you’ve got to face your fears












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