More to life than that

I glow and grow when I learn new things
Like navigating new places
I learn to live and mingle making friends
And bonding with new friendly face
Everyone will pay attention to hip new trends
But with myself I learned to make amends
Not with the latest gadget or toy or piece of clothing
There was something more that I was holding
Not the thirst to receive, but the thirst to achieve
Something greater.

You get to a point in your life
Where things may not always be right
But instead of turning to needing and wanting
The truth becomes daunting
That you are growing and glowing
And learning that flaunting is not the way to go.
You becoming better than what you know
And maturity and strength you start showing

Material things are not for which you should care
When I learned this is when I became better
Now I glow like a stick and grow like my hair
We will I go back to being superficial? Never!

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