She wonders why she feels this way;

Living in the shadows of her pain.

Why do they ignore her daily?

Is this a sign her efforts are failing?

Surely someone has answers for her;

She breaks until she feels no more.

Crying all alone at night;

She can't seem to find peace inside.

This feeling comes and goes;

Yet she lets nobody know.

Her burdens are far too much to bear,

She finds herself drowning in a pit of despair.

Some days she just wants people to leave her be;

Other days she begs them to open their eyes and see;

All she needs is someone who understands;

That she is tired of everyone's commands.

A friend just grabbed her hand

She tells her that she understands.

She says “It’s going to be okay,”

This facade you never have to play.

The light shines through her heart,

Finally someone who didn’t pick her apart.

I feel like I’m back to a carefree tyke.

Is this what my sanity feels like?

I’m so glad I never have to feel like I’m queasy.

Breathing on my own has never been so easy.

I have no more tears to cry,

All I feel is happiness inside. 

Being bullied for years was all worth it,

Found a friend, I can end the searching.

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