Missing Pieces

The feeling of his heartbeat through my sweater. 

His arms wrapped around me, 

Mine wrapped around his neck. 

The feeling of his stubbly face against my cheeks. 

His eyes closed as he pulled me near, 

Mine sealed tightly as I came closer. 

The feeling of hearing him say how nice this felt. 


The confusion when he seemed to grow distant. 

Me coming to check in and say “hey,” 

Him asking what I was doing there. 

The confusion when he didn’t want to hang out. 

Me asking to go and see a movie, 

Him saying he has to work every day. 

The confusion when he asked me to leave him alone. 


The hurt when he started to hang out with her. 

His eyes locked on her every move, 

Mine still fixed on his charming shell. 

The hurt when he didn’t say goodbye to me. 

His loyalty shifting toward her, 

Mine still belonging to him. 

The hurt when he broke up with me through a friend. 


The realization that he was my first true love. 

Him giving me his affection, 

Me giving him my devotion. 

The realization that he would never love me. 

Him moving on to someone else, 

Me stuck on him like cement. 

The realization that I wasn’t a kid anymore. 


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