Word to the Young

I asked my mom why people could'nt get along

She told me the world was pain

For the birds and the bees won't respect each other 

although they were told to love

For the skies and seas envied each other

although they embellish one another


She held me tight and whispered

that a knight will soon come

and he would be the one to take me

and he and I would be one


Oh that poor daughter

if only back then she knew

that the world wasn't gonna wait for a fellow

to change her life for good


After all, a hero isn't going to come

out of the books you so dearly cherish 

And wait a second

not all princes have merit

just look at Prince Florian

and think

Where was the consent?


If the world is pain, then so be it

Nothing changes in a day

In a world that lacks humanity  

Be your own voice

Make the change


This poem is about: 
Our world


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