One, Two

I tripped over your shoe

Three, Four

I stayed there on the floor

Five, Six

Next to a collection of sticks

Seven, Eight

It's getting late

Nine, Ten

I get up just for you to do it again

Eleven, Twelve

I saw them pick up themselves

Thirteen, Fourteen

I decided they are a queen

Fifteen, Sixteen

I am now a machine

Seventeen, Eighteen

You can no longer intervene

Nineteen, Twenty

I found a pretty Penny

Twenty-one, Twenty-two

I remove your shoe

Twenty-three, Twenty-four

I find something to stand for

Twenty-five, Twenty-six

And it is to no one else's affix

Twenty-seven, Twenty-eight

And it is no longer up for debate

Twenty-nine, Thirty

It is my life to see, and I will do it standing free.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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