Dear Older Me

"If you were to write a letter to your younger self, what would you tell them?"

This question has been asked of me at every milestone

but what would happen if you just time-capsuled a note for later.

This an actual possible process to be done,

why don't we do this more often?


What have you forgetten in this world of self satisfaction?

When did your imagination die so dramatically, yet so silently?

Do we think that our younger selves are just fools?

Do they know something we've forgotten?


I would tell myself of all the things that make me laugh,

I would walk myself through a normal day at home.

I would tell myself in excruciating detail about what I say, what I don't say,

what I think and what I don't understand.


And maybe that's the real magic.

The magic is remembering something that you completely forgot

The magic is finding something so lost that it doesn't even live in your memory.

The magic is realizing that you somehow knew something you don't know now

without knowing what you know now.

The magic is being a little more like you used to be abd still living in the real world that is here now.

The magic is surprise of seeing through younger eyes.


I can almost tell you of the magic of writing your future self is,

but I'd miss so much with mere words.

Instead, just do it.

Hide a letter,

Give it to someone who can mail it to you later.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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