My Apology to Her

Wed, 05/22/2019 - 16:06 -- MrWispy

I'm sorry

Is what I want to say to you

Remember when we strolled around the town

 and bathed in the waving shade of trees 

We were so small then 

and the world was small too

You know back then I adored you

The person that was my friend from ten

my only friend 

later ten more down the line and you are gone

I'm sorry 

I definitely rushed it 

the teenage years never fail to bust 

It might have worked out 

but in the end, I hurt you

back then I didn't understand how to love 

I thought of the glory and gloating 

of having a girl on my shoulder 

forgetting that you weren't just a girl

I'm sorry 

Given the time we have been apart 

I've made new friends, relationships

but can't seem to get you out of my heart 

then I realized I've been suppressing pain too long

I learned how to love 

and I loved you wrong 

You'll never see this 

and these words might not heal your heart 

but in the end

I'm sorry 





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