You know, You know

when you know

you grow everyday

but you know 

when the grow 

is so slow

its as its no more

it feels like it no more

you know when you see

things differently

when your opinion holds weight

when you control your fate

when your ready to debate

you know when life isnt slow

when you began to glow

and radiate like a new born butterfly

who can tell the prettiest lie

you know when you think of future as not tomorrow 

but when a sudden sorrow

of the soon to be responsibilities

start coming insurbordinately

I knew when my words utter true

I knew when I grew

I knew when I was no longer a boy

Or interested in a toy or even when I stopped drinking soy

I knew when I was asked what did I want to do

I knew when I school for my senior of high school

I knew when my parents cared even less than I did

I knew when I actually started to care 

And my impending despair

I really knew when I began to see life crystal clear 

I knew when I knew

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