The Night Shift

Trying to relax on the night shift

I put up the sign, it says we’re closed tonight, nice and bright

But they keep knocking at the door

Can’t they read the sign?

I don’t have time

Trying to relax on the night shift

But not tonight


They’re knocking at the door

They keep knocking at the door

Why can’t they see I’m not open in the moonlight?


Have to let them in

Or they will vex me all night

I don’t have time, but they won’t stop knocking

Let them in

Then they bring their friends

There’s no relaxing on the night shift, accompanied by them

They bring their friends

And like a wave


No warning for me

Have to deal  with them

The sign says closed but they can’t see

Their fixation is that it is night

And the one who occupies the night shift is me


They reveal themselves after the day fuses into night

Their ritualistic residual


But then again


They can’t see

Emotions and thoughts can’t read

This is the night shift







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