A Stranger Knocked


A stranger knocked upon my door

I went to run away

To hide upstairs inside my room

Until they’d gone away


But something stopped me before I could

My eyes fixed upon the door

A question lingered in my head

To hide myself, what for?


“Don’t answer the door if you’re home alone.”

The words I was always told

Do not feel validated anymore

It’s time to accept, I’m old


So I marched up to the entrance

Of my humble abode

And performed the grown-up gesture

I to myself owed


I opened that door

I did not run away

Or hide in my room

Until they’d gone away


I surveyed the outside with surprise

No one was there!

Only a package for my sister

Set on the stair


I laughed to myself, at least I had tried

Although you could not tell from the outside

I had grown up a bit inside


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