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From the trace of your fingertips To the shape of your  collarbone I want to learn  every path of you   Your ups and downs
Bitter nothing passed these lips as words poured towards you in silent riffs.   A melody of sour times the money good s, the smell of muscidimes   Serene breezes flow through us
My soul misses having someone to scream with - not just through the pain and sadness but through the glory and joy and through everything.  
i don't believe in soulmates i don't think any certain person is made for another. but i believe we could pretend and maybe just maybe that could be okay too.   (j.a.s.s)
alone shouldn’t be such a scary word although i suppose i wouldn’t understand how others feel down there where i was made. here, alone is all i’ve got
These eyes have lost many of battles These Grey eyes have felt pain, abandonment, and the unwillingness to face another day Sweet memories as the moon sets
I know you are not here for me I kneeled and prayed to the trees the trees only my lips had kissed whalst you kissed her silhotte  she was missed, but not quite gone You had known me long
You sink into my mind you play a game, no rules i hear their whispers  they are coming i can feel my blood boiling don't you know i've been waiting turn off the lights
I’ll know they’re the one When they walk away But don’t feel done  So I’ll turn back, and so will they  To catch another glance  Hope ones eyes will lock with the other  Taking the chance 
A train pulled through my heart and let you off.You pushed your loco... motives...into my life,  
There exists a theory in which there is an infinite number of universes, all existing simultaneously; That means an infinite number of you's and I's. 
The highs were high:        parties every weekend, Wednesday breakfast with Grandma, 4 hour roadtrips to the middle of nowhere But the lows were low:
Wild, crazy beast; they say he cannot be tamed. Unpredictable as the rising tides, impulsive as the wind...   I see myself in him.
I've traveled many lands To a find a mind like yours. I'm writing down new plans Once I reach new shores. Now i'm somewhere in the islands Underage mystery face in a bar.
I crave a man I’ve never met with soulful eyes, I may never forget the ache in my heart’s full of regret that my words come out unremarkable.    And yet when I think of souls fit together as one,
    Beautiful illusions  as moist mouths mount   in anticipation  teeth grind  ragged breaths hushed  honey dipped nipples  caress her breast  engulfing  her breed  
Some Things Cannot Lie: The wagging tail of a dog The chocolate-covered hands of a toddler The calloused hands of a carpenter-hands cannot hide their life’s work-
Baby We can do this I know that times seem hard It seems as though we're living in the dark Pushing the limit of time Coming up short as change To the corner store Bottom to top then back again
When God crumpled the stars And made people Scattering these borrowed atoms across The earths skin Did he await the day that I would find you?   And as our ancestors died and rejoined the stars
You were playing with my hair As we lay there in your room And I said baby there's something That I gotta tell you You looked at me with your big brown eyes
In the beginning there was us That’s the only thing that I’m sure of I may not know what  tomorrow holds But I know I’ll be holding you
  I’m waiting on forever The stars told me you would be there My heart rests easy knowing You will be there   Though now may not be our time
Somehow, she is everything She has this mind and I could spend All of my forevers trying to know Everything that’s on it
Gray melting into gray Light and dark come out to play No color is necessary It's a beautiful world to see Black and white all around
I remember our pact. We had no forms. No genders. Just our essence and our energies colliding and complimenting and embracing one another. We agreed to meet at one's worst point and pull together and be happy. We were different.
He's everything I'd laugh to myself about. Everything I thought I didn't want. Wet sand colored, dark blonde hair. Warm make-you-melt deep brown eyes. Paired with a smile that makes me glow. 
About her, an air of mystery I feel I must pursue; Besides my own sake, It is my duty To convince her That my every word Is true
Wow, he walks in the door,  My heart flutters as he give me our daily kiss,  He smells like safety and security,  His smell is one of the things I love most about him,  He has no idea how much I love him, 
As I'm lying in bed He'll touch me with gentle fingers, Carefully knitting together the tattered ends of my heart, The places where my soul has been frayed. There will be nights when I think the sun may never rise
I'll leave you the love I held  for you under our empty bed,  next to the rear-view mirror that once held a picture of our smiles.  I'll leave you the lingering feeling you once gave me
1. The boy I love lives in Spain. 2. I live in America. 3. The boy I love came to America for two weeks as a foreign exchange student. Two weeks is just a small percentage of our lives.
I. You were the beacon I needed as we trailed along a scattered glass shore. Brine on flesh, we wished to sail against the heartbeat of crashing waves.  
I. We grew up in the age of idiocy as children down along the seaside.   Back in the day, I wanted to sail ships, leave this beach in our wake.  
The Resemblance Of Loath And Love, I Lead With Either, Through The Slip Of The Tongue, The Meaning Changes Indefinitely, And As I Mean One,
  You were April, and  I was October, still we shared something in common. Nature had forced on us the bittersweet fate of change.
I refuse to stand here without you Choosing to move forward knowing we'll find each other again Here I try attempting this impossible task But soon realizing there is no need
Do you believe in soulmates, I was once asked I don't know, I answer to myself and this child Would believing in soulmates be like believing in unicorns? Would it be like seeing a leprechaun?
Let me steal you away with a couple words. Bring your heart up high, higher than the birds. Take away your breath, for its mine to keep. Pull you in my arms, til you fall asleep.
I heard once of a wishing well
You told me you weren't musicalYet you play the beat of my heart perfectly in timeYou said you weren't hotBut you light a fire within meYou insisted you weren't lyricalAlthough your words are a beautiful rhyme
See the stars dance for you tonightI'll hold you close and tell you, "It'll be alright."Stay with me for a whileAnd keep your fears in exileWith me is where you should beIn my arm's embrace for eternity
Time slows down at night,
If I was falling through the sky
I will wait at the station And when the time comes, I will board the train I will blankly stare out the window And will listen to my music When the train reaches the station, I will get off  
Who ever thought that a little red string, No thicker than the thread in my shirt, Could withstand the strength of passion 
My weary old soul cursed by another's unfinished past was given a long and treacherous path, paved and made with broken stones and questioning tones
A smile that beams brighter than a thousand sunrises; The warmth to melt a frozen heart, and allow it to feel. Who could have thought a chance meeting in Autumn, Would grow into something so pure and so real.  
A stranger walked though the trees I felt him looking at me But you aren't a stranger at all So different from me you call You are the ghost of what had past
-I walk into the restaurant tightly holding onto my Father's hand. All around, I see other guys.
I promised myself it wouldn't happen.
When you give your all too many times, you begin to lose yourself. The one to whom you pledged your heart to and they pledged theirs too, is surely going leave you.
Let's take the boat out
you took an eraser to my heart and now all that's left are the words you painted with every sweet sentence. 
They say That you and your mate Are tied by a knot On a an invisible thread That keeps you together Despite what may separate: A couple miles, An entire country, Two continents,
Our flame began so suddenly, Like a forest fire, it tore through the woods, Nobody understood, Not even we. The wind led on, we ravaged the site, Even in my dreams though out the night,
They loved on a deathbed. Rather,their love was that of a deathbed love.
To my husband,my lover, my partner,my best friend,my soulmate,my forever, until the end.
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