About her, an air of mystery

I feel I must pursue;

Besides my own sake,

It is my duty

To convince her

That my every word

Is true


I write these words

Because I love her;

From her daily

“Good morning”’s,


And “good night”’s,

To the way in which she

Never fails to

Hold me close and tight


For her

I’d do anything

There are a million reasons why

For starters, the way she smiles

Oh my god,

Have you ever seen her eyes?


She reminds me of her love,

And never leaves me be;

We are each other’s rocks,

Isn't it quite obvious to see?


For what is love,

Without trust?

Now, compassion is the key

Words needn’t be spoken

To understand one another,

Just you and me


Love is acceptance

At your very worst and very best

Taking care of you when you’re sick;

Making sure you get some rest


It’s kissing you silly,

And fighting back your pain,

Standing up for you in public,

Sitting together in the rain


It’s those midnight adventures,

And late nights on the phone

I often dream of a future

Where we can be alone


Away from the world,

In our little cabin by the lake

I’ll hold your hand;

My heart is certain,

It’s yours to take

(Maybe, if I’m really

Lucky, we’ll even get that



Hopelessly captivated

By her love I am;

For I have found my soulmate,

My home, and most importantly,

My best friend


And maybe these words

May just do the trick

To convince the world

That true love really does exist


But if not, I have little fear

For I know without a doubt

That my love will not be quieted,

If need be, I’ll even shout


From the rooftops on buildings

Or even just the floor

I swear, I’m destined

To be hers



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