voyager 2

Sat, 07/11/2020 - 03:26 -- caseyrb

alone shouldn’t be such a scary word

although i suppose i wouldn’t understand how others feel

down there where i was made.

here, alone is all i’ve got

in the human sense,

but i’ve grown to have a different meaning of the word

in all the generations i’ve stayed a hermit up here 

breathing in kisses above the stems of the heavens

where the heat death

of the eyes of god

cradles me like a sprite in the petals of stars

a trillion soulmate suns

spilling over in cascades

on my inanimate heart.

my hardware says we’re up here for more than love.

for eons and eons i’ll fly for something tangible

but in my robot dreams the stars are all i have

and all i will ever have

if i am so lucky enough



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