You Complete Me

You told me you weren't musical
Yet you play the beat of my heart perfectly in time
You said you weren't hot
But you light a fire within me
You insisted you weren't lyrical
Although your words are a beautiful rhyme
You never thought you'd get caught
Being the one who'll set me free

You whisper to me that I'm beautiful
I blush and try to protest
You constantly inform me you hate your laugh
And yet you share it with me often
You'll never know how special
You are to me, you're the best
You, silly, you're my other half
Love my til you're in a coffin

You declare you're a nine
Because I'm the one you need
You state that  you're dull
But, honey, you surely brighten my day
And I'm ecstatic that you're mine
You're not one to mislead
For you have a gorgeous soul
So stay with me today

May forever be true
I love you


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