May I Have This Dance?

In the beginning there was us

That’s the only thing that I’m sure of

I may not know what  tomorrow holds

But I know I’ll be holding you

We don’t have long, we only have forever

Forever to hold this universe in my hands

So before our short sweet time is gone

I want to know: may I have this dance?


Your soft brown eyes and freckles spilled

Like paint across your cheeks

Are easily the most beautiful masterpiece that I’ve ever seen

And when you’re near me I’m somehow nearer to myself

So when you ask me how long I’ll love you darling

And I say forever and a day don’t be surprised

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life it’s that


In the beginning there was love

And I’m sure that love is us

I may not have all the answers

But I’m set if I have you

We don’t have long, we only have forever

Or at least as long as I breathe

And as long as we’re here I might as well see

If you would dance with me


Sunday mornings waking up

To your lips pressed to my cheek

I don’t think I’d ever leave this bed

If life would let me

You’re so gentle and so kind and how lucky am I

That you’ve picked me to walk life with you

I may be stubborn and a little scared too-

But I know that I’m better with you


Because in the beginning the sun made your smile

And moondust fell into your hair

And the stars they carried me right to your feet

And we fell in love, that’s the whole story

Just two souls together, chasing their forever

Though forever won’t be quite enough

So tonight all I’m asking is-would you like to dance with me love?


Would you like to dance with me love, I’d be lucky to dance with my love


This poem is about: 
Our world


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