Defender of Light

Time slows down at night,

Leaving me to think all these thoughts until the morning light.
My heart is weary and exhausted,
Cold, dying, and frosted.
Loneliness whispers into my ear,
Agony yells threats to put me in fear. 
Everything is dark and scary,
I feel the evil clawing me.
And just when I think it's the end....
Here you come, the angel I asked God to send.
You chase it all away. 
Threaten the enemy that he can not stay. 
I'm scared and afraid,
Losing myself as innocence begins to fade.
Yet you stand here all along,
Fixing me so nothing is wrong.
Guiding me back to the light,
Convincing me I'm worth the fight.
Showing me this special kind of love,
The kind that is only given by the one above. 
Something unconditional,
Something amazing, and beautiful.
Yes I am no angel,
But nor am I the devil. 
Yes I make mistakes,
But I'm not poisoned like the snake.
My darling do you love me?
In my heart is where you should be.
My love I miss you so,
This is unbearable....please don't go?
What can I be without you?
This is worth fighting for too.
Love is blessed, not cursed. 
We must still love even when it hurts. 
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