Let's take the boat out
A cradle to take you back
Waves to lap whispers into your ears 
"be kind, behind. be kind,"
lullabies secrets 
"you are mine" "we are nobody's" 
water tongue clicking, healing wounds healing fires
bringing you to the island, to the mainland
or bringing you 
a severed rope (no anchor no hope helloo, is anybody out there?)
the ripples croon and coo
mother rocking a wide eyed frightened babe
"shh shh behind be kind." "we are nobodies" "we are no bodys"
no northeastern roars
no sharp toothed doubts with long apendadges to drag you down
just lullabies, secrets.
And ways that need no burning light for you to go.
bringing you, bring you.
Wait until darkness
Wait until darkness comes.


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