Wreckage // Part I


You were the beacon I needed

as we trailed along a scattered glass shore.

Brine on flesh, we wished to sail

against the heartbeat of crashing waves.


As children, we were a single entity.

Our life was morning mist -

a fog of innocence planted deep

in our heads like one-way wiretaps.


We vowed to preserve that mindset;

where one started, the other would follow

with conjoined fingers, forgiving smiles.

How much reality did ignorance hide?


More than two young men could fathom.




We started as heavy static,

evolving to fractals of heat and passion

while creating an equation based on

constellations - stars melting together.


What we built from childhood waste

was never a plan nor algorithm,

but a "yes" came from swollen lips

with permission to consume me.


We created a beautiful cancer

intended and desired to be terminal.

Our cries of love into the night

were destined for the grave.


I promised to bury you with me.




You have damned me.


The unforgivable has been done.

My future is in ruins.


All thanks to you.



or I'll do it for you.




On my journey to the other side,

I sold myself to a dashing devil,

hoping to taste the venom

of liberation on his tongue.


I came to worship his design,

a flawless muse who erased

the theory that defined "us", "home",

and everything that mattered.


He was my righteousness.

I nailed his gospel into my body,

for I would sacrifice my soul

to cleanse it of your touch.


That freedom never tasted sweeter.




In a cataclysm of selfish sins,

he ruined me most of all.

I can only admit my lack of judgement.


I was wrong. Forgive me ...




Decades are too long to forget,

especially when gazes lock on target.

A black hole is bored through my chest;

the pining carves it deeper.


By pushing away, the impulse strikes

with force and motion, just as the tide.

Now here we are, trapped inside the haze -

lovers blurred between the sheets.


I never expected your return to bring

the calm amidst a long-spoken storm.

You became the ocean depths

to carry my wreckage ashore.


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