Gray melting into gray

Light and dark come out to play

No color is necessary

It's a beautiful world to see

Black and white all around

Nothing bright come abound

Silver lighting

Simple and sweet

This is all I will ever need

You came up to me today

A burst of pure energy as your hand touched mine

Blossoming everywhere

Scarlet and violet

The next day you wrapped your arm around my shoulder

A burst of tingling energy as you made contact with my skin

Exploding everywhere

Turquoise and Tangerine

Our foreheads touched that night

A burst of soothing energy as your mind met mine

Slow spreading

Emerald and Maize

Morning arrives and your lips brush mine

A burst of sparkling energy fizzes between us

The world is complete

Everything in between

You are all I will ever need



This poem is about: 
Our world


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