The Man Who Saved Me From My Ex

He's everything I'd laugh to myself about.

Everything I thought I didn't want.

Wet sand colored, dark blonde hair.

Warm make-you-melt deep brown eyes.

Paired with a smile that makes me glow. 

Rich voice that runs over my skin like velvet.

When he sings, plucks my heart strings,

like one of his beloved guitars.

He has a way with my soul.

Fixed it up, and captured it, 

in a life stealing glance.

Touch that makes my veins feel alive,

like my cold, black, stone heart is alight.

Like lava.

He's a musician, whom shares my name.

We never notice, 

Because I love you,

He says your name will always be my favorite deadly, purple flower.

Nightshade is now your name.

Even though to him I am an angel,

sent by his gods.

Because I love you, 

he says, I will cook for you and with you.

I will dream of our future with you.

Our life as We wish it to be.

Because I love you,

I will kiss you belly every day,

like a far off life grows there already.

You will be my wife one day, 

Because I love you.

I'll forever hold you,

like you will disappear into cool vapor.

To kiss you like it's our last.

To love you like the other side of my soul you are.

To give you those goofy, stupid, shut-up-I-adore-you grins.

A honey-you're-such-a-dork laugh.

A deep bone touching laugh.

Because I love you, 

I love your flaws as you love and adore mine.

All wrapped up in a 5'8'' frame of a stubborn, foolhardy man.

We are Best Friends, 







Because I love you, 

I'll give you Eternity


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