Green Solace

I'll leave you the love I held 

for you


our empty bed, 

next to the rear-view mirror that once

held a picture of our smiles. 

I'll leave you the lingering feeling

you once gave me

when we sat

at this table

amidst people who didn't 

know us. 

I'll leave you,

without a part of me

you left behind 

in the back of your vintage heart.

I'll leave you 

and your rustic car,

your timeless beauty,

your cocky smile,

your work-roughened hands, 

your wild eyes, 

your bow shaped mouth, and

your singing voice.

I'll leave you without 

any tears, 

falling for a century-

just the memories of 

your care and love

and your name I uttered

to the dawn.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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