Let Me Speak

The Resemblance Of Loath And Love,

I Lead With Either,

Through The Slip Of The Tongue,

The Meaning Changes Indefinitely,

And As I Mean One,

I Speak The Other,

I Was Never Meant To Arrive,

But Through Your Travels,

I Have,

And I’ve Yet To Determine,

Whether Your Purpose Was True,

As I Think It Not,

But I Mean Not To Inculpate,

Only To Ensure.

That Your Vision Was Clear,

I Couldn’t Imagine,

The Trouble You’d Live With,

Knowing That You’ve Awoken Me,

Through Sheer Accident,

And I Can’t Tell You,

How My Mission Would Mean Little,

If You Are Not Determined To See It Through,

My Supposition,

Simply To Say That You Must Leave,

If Any Of This To Be True,

If You Are Not For My Purpose,

You Must Not Be For My Relief,

Brash As It May,

It Is True,

And Despite My Gloom,

I’ll Find Me My True Loather,

So As You Another Groom


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