What the Stars, Our Souls (and me...) Know


United States


I’m waiting on forever

The stars told me you would be there

My heart rests easy knowing

You will be there


Though now may not be our time

I am certain that we will have

Endless hours

Full of breathless seconds

Spilling over with love


Our love that is so innate

That even we can’t seem to

Quiet it for long


Our souls know.


They are fighting the world, and us too

(our fears, my dear are no match for our love)


Even though we’ve got some time yet

To grow and to traverse this life we have been given

Before we can fall into forever

Intertwined and so in love

So in love

My soul knows.


I’ll see you soon,

I’ll hold you soon,

I’ll love you now

And soon

And always


(I didn’t even need the stars to tell me that)


This poem is about: 
Our world



I love this so much!


Thank you so much!

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