The Will of Two

I will wait at the station

And when the time comes, I will board the train

I will blankly stare out the window

And will listen to my music

When the train reaches the station,

I will get off


A man will be waiting for me

He will be tall

And lean

And handsome

He will flash a smile and link arms with me

And we will be washed away

In a wave of nostalgia


He will lead me to his car

And we will both get in

And drive away

His eyes will seldom leave the road

Save glancing at me

And I will constantly stare out the window

Save glancing at him



The ride throughout the countryside

Will be peaceful

We will drive through mountains and villages

The sun will begin to set

Our destination will be close

We will have had many conversations

Of many trivial things

But we will not have yet said what is truly on our minds


I will want to tell him of my pain

My trials and tribulations

And my years of loneliness

And he will want to tell me of his love

That will not have waned

In his years of solitude

But we won’t


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