Baby We can do this
I know that times seem hard
It seems as though we're living in the dark
Pushing the limit of time
Coming up short as change
To the corner store
Bottom to top then back again
But baby we can do this
You've been more than just a river
More like an ocean teaching me to swim
The calm as I sometimes blow in the wind
Currents tossing and turning
Seeming to win
But our love is sweet
Pure love, untainted love
When it gets the hardest we're the closest
If our ancestors could walk miles
And miles of miles beat slavery
Build together and still smile
Make love and make babies together
We can do this.... Together
And take this road where destiny meets forever
I remember I saw you
I saw US in a dream
You were my king before
You knew me
I've been your wife for sometime
Hidden almost buried
Waters still around me
Thru it all we survived
Baby We can do this
I, I know we can
God said we can
If we seek first the kingdom
Of God and his righteousness
And all these things will be added to us
Who's to tell us no baby
Besides God no man can dismiss
This bond
Though some may not be fond of
What we have I'm not moved
As the rib to your side
Only to be loved by you
To be touched by you
To move as your heart beats
A rhythm to my blues
I... love... you
And baby WE will do this

This poem is about: 
My family





Aww thank you sooo much 💕 it is much appreciated!

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