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I have come to realize that it's hader than what it seems. A dream job, your dream job.
"Push... That's it... Keep going... I see the baby's head... Push... Once more... Say hello to your new baby." The beautiful crys of a newborn, so precious... so prue;
Blissfully sailing on a relaxing excursion. Calm waters, birds flying all around Bright blue skies surrounding. Everything a carefree paradise.
Wishing to be a wizard of wild writ; wandering the world for perfect words
He has no home she has no water he's cold she's hungry  
Quiet and the embalming fluid Flowing steadily through the tube Through the arteries To the brain   A lifetime etched into wrinkles And wispy hair A peaceful expression
I want to tell you a story
The scraps on the heap of the world are art. I just choose to make them my own and call it my creative side.   Reality bent for societies' eyes Stupid, smart Unsatisfactory, full
My eyes, crystal clear. I'm opned, anew... Inspired too. None other than the word love can explain it- It's bubbling over, unable to contain it. Not wishing to do so, I wish I had none.
One job may give me hope. One job may define my life. One job; the chance to change my future.   One place, North Carolina. One place, the destination of my growth. One place, the animal sanctuary.
Imagine waking up one day and finally discover a cure for cancer.   Imagine finding a new cure for anything.   Hearing people scream your name in chants or seeing tears of pure hope.
                                                                                                                                                                The Extreme!  
The white sandy beaches crash against the waves as if battling for the territory of land. The birds fly through the air sending signals of impending danger to their nearby relatives.
Why do I dream to be a Veterinarian, it’s funny that you asked. A Tiger, A Mother. A Hunter Striped orange and white Totally different from a Deer Who is as though appears Inferior
I know a job, Not for a snob, That requires caring And sharing Your time and love, And overall a type of Understanding, Which can be very demanding. Helping the weak
To act To pretend To live  To understand To portray To explain To give an example To inspire To motivate To entertain To understand To act
My dream job is not  too popular, but one that completes me. To feed the poor, clothe the naked, share some water if need be.   It calls me when I see the homeless.   It calls me when I feel hungry.
Martin Luther King Had a dream That as African Americans we could bring Peace and tranquility to our current land Because our motherland has been ripped away We’ve been dragged away, and have been sent away
I'm driving down a road to nowhere - like hell, it's paved with good intentions - I keep driving and thinking and growing older,sitting, waiting for divine intervention.  
Changed My Life  When I was young I was just looking for fun. I ran around in the summer sun Until the time for it was done. I grew up fast
The misty mountains cascaded by the morning dew awakened by the thunder of charred oak barrels rolling across the barn floor.   The barrels wait to be filled with the unrefined clear liquid 
The misty mountains cascaded by the morning dew awakened by the thunder of charred oak barrels rolling across the barn floor.   The barrels wait to be filled with the unrefined clear liquid 
If I took out the time to write the story of all the things that my mind has manipluated     
It starts as a nightmare   Being pushed into a classroom Saying goodbye to mommy and daddy And finding a stranger who looms In front of the classroom, all friendly   A painful process  
Darkness surrounds. Sudden burst of lights. Flashing,  Running, and... Carrying? What do these stars carry with them? Like cars on the freeway, They travel head to toe.
I have a dream: To do great things, To help and to heal, To study the mind.   I have a dream: Help those in need, Help soothe those in pain, And lift those who doubt.  
I sit in constant worry, wishing on a star. What I will I do that could change my life…forever? Will I make it that far? My mind is conflicted. Anxiety is consuming me.
Being the second born of three Mexican American children, I've been told i was born independent and always had my mind set, knowing what exactly it was that I wanted.
You are my mission You are my dream The crumbling society. My heart, my hands, reach to you To help you learn  To help you back on your feet To help you walk down that beaten path.
I feel the warm lights on my skin I hear the voices of impatient souls I see the opposing character to my side And I can just taste this sweet tasting goal   Every since I was a little girl
I was just 19 when i finished highschool and didnt quite know if i could get into a good school. The ambition I have put me on a higher level then my peers making me realize that i can make it without having fears.
  I wake up to a world full of chaos In the news, I hear of our soldiers And their bravery, their passion   I hear of the damage done
I only want to help. I only want to fx the unfixable. I only want to understand the crazy in people, The good, bad, psycho, sad. I want to understand it.   I only want people to feel safe.
I was shy.  I was depressed.  I was ashamed.  I was hopeless.  Then I became LavaStar.    How could I show the demons my worth.  How could I show the demons my passion. 
Smiling faces everywhere How could I go wrong? Laughing children, faces fair A place where I belong   This job is so rewarding Passing knowledge onto youth Wouldn't trade it for a thing
If there was one thing that I could do for the rest of my life I’d be a teacher, but not just of education I would teach children the ways of words, and how to use them So that one day, they could set themselves free
I dream.   I dream not of a lavish and flashy life.
Education is the building block, the job that tops them all. You often don't get paid alot, and you always get ignored. Its your fault for everything, and parents will complain. You work past 3 o'clock, and you're up before 8.
I’ve gone through life convinced that I am intended for something beyond Paterson, New Jersey.  I have the ability to choose educational pursuits and that I might is a staggering realization.
I'd fallen down. Snapped a Bone. You'd think it'd be the end. I disagree, it's where it all began. I'd been running - rushing to ring the bell. Open up! My future is calling!
Books have forever changed my life They transport me to a different time and place And allow me to escape from strife Books allow for a change of pace From life's monotonous days
Focus, involvement, schedules, preparation, and goals, Words that have played a crucial role in high school. Four years of learning about my strengths and weaknesses, Finding new interests that will lead to my happiness.
We dream of it, we think constantly about it, we picture ourselves living it From the moment we were given the idea, until the moment we've reached the point of success
For her as a child it all began , With a fairy tale and a simple story Perhaps the  tale of Peter Pan,
I bet you anything That no one would say That one day The wish to work for a job with no pay. Let me just tell you        I would. What's money anyway?    Its just a way
It begins with the sunrise, a dream is born and the rays christen the earth.   A seed grows not only in the ground below but in the mind of the girl tilling the land.
what MY dream job means to MEMY dream job in America no one takes seriousy
All my life I've been surrounded by competition that I want no part of, but I gotta admit that I dream of a job that's more fulfilling than any other.
A job to help people. A job to teach kindness. A job to heal the sick. A job to save lives. A job as a doctor. Just one job may change my life.
I hear the squeaking of shoes on the gym floor I see the sweat dripping from determined faces I feel the motivation and drive coming off of every athlete I train I am an athletic trainer  
Passion is absent,Religion is gone,It’s easier now to believe nothing at all. This world needs something new,It needs something more,
One job is enough to change your life One job to ease the pain, take away the strife. If I could work at one job for the rest of my days It would be in the ocean working with stingrays,
Save a life Just save one life.
I’ve spent the last 13 years trying to discover who I am And what it is I want to spend the rest of my life doing. Each year, it tosses around in my brain like a battering ram.
My whole life was figuring out who I am, and what I love to do People come to and would ask, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
God work your magic through my hands; I'll heal the souls of the dedicated. When they break like rusted baskeball nets, I remind them why they entered the game. Remember when you dad got you your first ball?
You saw me sitting hear you'd think that i would be something something that doesn't involve physical labor Maybe a office or even a job as teacher.  I strive to be the best airplane mechanic I can be.
It's just not about the dates or the facts that follow. Reading thousands of pages. Finding the truths in all the words written hundred year old pieces of parchment. It is about all the lives that were impacted.
You’re just a girl.
Some of you might be afraid By the way these people are portrayed There’s no doubt they did an awful thing But it is so intriguing what their minds bring Criminals is what I mean
Since I was small, people have asked me   "Logan, what is it you want to be?"   My answers would change, year after year,   And for a long time, nothing was clear.  
We all know the bright white lights.   Ones of either hope or despair. Ones you see right before you slip under. Ones that wake you after.
The stress of this workload Is causing me to go insane. It's starting to hurt my brain, Feeling like it's going to burst And cause eternal pain. I start to question At the end of the road,
Follow me,  into the wild, into the jungle of nature.  Come with me,
The Job of my dreams would be to be an adventurer of cultures, a traveler of countries, An explorer of life,  a speaker of langauges,
  The handcuffs are on
I have a dream career That I am pursuing.
Walking the white halls and all I can hear are their heart beats, their pain filled cries. I have to help them. Help stop the pain from consuming their small, young, weak, and frail bodies.
Blurred faces rush. Doors swing to let in cold during Winter concerts. The smell of this wooden pencil and the familiar, professional paper makes me feel important but as I sit, I'm lost in the music.
A college degree isn't that what is needed to get anywhere in life?
My Dream Job is quite simple, I wanna be a Superhero
Music is something I have always loved. Music and I, are like peanut butter, and jelly. Like two peas in a pod. Like ying, and yang. You get my rift we just mesh well together. Music is what inspires me.
What is my dream job? Though the answers to this question Remain to be seen, certain aspects of it are clear. Creative juices flowing, Light-hearted laughter, A safe and healthy environment,
Rooms filled to the brim A child per five sits grim Sitting patiently, waiting for the day The lights will finally dim   The books you read provide no gray No inspiration, only gym
From the second he drops to his knee, To the second before you change your name, Love never flees, We both know this isn't a game, Its your love, its your dream, its my job, its my responsability.
I want to mend the flesh after birth and before death We must live I want to give a man, a woman, a child the inbetween In greek it is called hand work My dream job is to aid life
A job equals money Ain't it funny? But there goes your time An asset most prime. Don't want to sit behind a desktop When my body wants to shoo-bop A job like the Grease greasers
For those who cannot voice your suffering
they say talk is cheap, but a hardback novel sells at fourteen ninety-five, so words are worth something.   my bookshelves are weighed down with these words,
My dream job is to be a successful mother A wife 
My dream job? I want to be a fighter. I want to do something meaningful, stand up for something worth fighting for. Lawyers, they don't get much respect nowadays, always looked down upon,
I am stuck in a far too familiar place. I need an adrenaline rush to make my heart race. Pursuing a job as a flight attendant would be ideal.
That little Uganda boy Tripping, falling over glass Decay and forgotten objects linger When does it stop? When do the bruises cease, And absent peace subside from the mind of that little Uganda boy
Walking down the street Suddenly life changed I thought to myself “I gotta stop being so disengaged, It’s time to take control of my own life, Be the man I want and end my strife”  
All my life I dreamed of exploring the ocean. Seeing the different marine life, Feeling what it's like to be surrounded by emptiness. I also love to work on automobiles,
I have been depressed, I have failed because of my learning disorder, I have been left behind in my group. I want to be a neurologist. I want to be able to help. I want to know why people act out.
Totes,clutches,crossbody,shoulder bags, ,and wallets all bearing my name Girls waiting in lines to wear my name  Jumping for joy when they recieve a gift with my name I wanna be the next Tory Burch
(My creative writing teacher asked us what our dream job was when we were kids. This was mine.)
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