Dream Job


Since I was small, people have asked me


"Logan, what is it you want to be?"


My answers would change, year after year,


And for a long time, nothing was clear.


Then one night, I looked up to the stars.


I thought about Spirit, roaming Mars.


I dreamed of Voyager, in deep space,


And it brought a smile to my young face.


I wanted to send something up there.


Something different, something quite rare.


From that day on, I knew what I'd do.


I would probe space, with the NASA crew.


Searching for life, and taking samples


Of rocks and minerals, for example.


They need engineers to build the ships,


And I want to help them make the trips.


Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, far,


I want to know just how small we are.


To build a ship and send it to space,


That's how I'll better the human race.


My dream job is to study the stars,


And send a rocket straight towards Mars.


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