Dreams well dreamt and a life well spent

For her as a child it all began ,

With a fairy tale and a simple story

Perhaps the  tale of Peter Pan,

Or other heroes in their glory


She didn't know back then that she'd have to grow up,

Among the shadows of the long yet forgotten

Later on she wanted her career to be compared to a cup,

Complete and a rope to tauten


She didn't understand back then,

She used to stretch and pretend

And happy, her friend a pet wren,

Growing up was her dead end


She didn't know who she wanted to become,

She thought at first she could be a veterinarian

But when she saw the animals she turned glum,

And turned into a pescatarian


Then she started with a simple sketch,

A complicated design

The  inspiration that she learned to fetch,

As she began to make an outline


A reality of a formation of wings,

The details she must meet

A career that just sings,

Like a song stuck on repeat


An artist taking to the streets,

Filling in the remaining detail

An etymologist looking through her sheets,

Of her studies on the slow-paces snail


A neurologist looking at the nervous system,

Every detail in attention

A pediatrician looking for a symptom,

As she studies the different section


It started with a cat dissection,

Her interest began to rise

A quick perfection of a connection,

That led to no demise


She picked up a surgical tool,

And feared the worst

When her patient began to drool,

From hunger and for thirst


She decided surgery was not of her taste,

She went to work for a theater nearby

Completely actor based,

And she began to ask herself why


Why was there a fear in what she didn't want to do?

She thought about constructing, tools and a screw

But she shook her head and said, "I never was one for glue."

Constructing just wouldn't do


She later thought about working at the zoo,

But she remembered what animals do

In their pens busy as can be to you,

And a frightful smell after they chew


Then a thought hit her about forensic science,

No need for any complex alliance

The usual act of a general compliance,

And the evidence contradicting a suspect's defiance


And just like that she had grown spreading her wings of a career,

Her own new life, an isolated sphere

That men used to claim for themselves, without fear

Now women have their atmosphere


A career of a lifetime is your choice,

Reach out and use your voice

A power within your education,

And a focus on your determination.







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