My Dream Job

Martin Luther King

Had a dream

That as African Americans we could bring

Peace and tranquility to our current land

Because our motherland has been ripped away

We’ve been dragged away, and have been sent away

To a land burdened with heartache, and Evil

Where people have been pushed out of their homes,

And have been left without homes

And their religion disrespected

And they’re not given credit

For being the first people on this continent

To a land where we are told to forget our past

To forget the last, 400 years of this shit

To push our knowledge of it all into a secret pit

Where it will be forgotten

But no, we won’t

Because when it comes to the holocaust you won’t

And when it comes to 9/11 you damn sure won’t

And when it comes to sweet Samantha who didn’t come last night

We both know you won’t

But when it comes to poor Trayvon who was just walking home

Because his skin is black and his pants are low

You forget that he is 17 and should not be seen

As anything than just a teen, and that his record

Was squeaky clean

And when it comes to Adam Lanza

Oh when it comes to Adam Lanza

The man shot up a school,

 But no it’s all-cool, because he obviously needs help

And he’s had a bad life; we have to help this poor man

Because this poor man is obviously a lunatic

He’s obviously a lunatic because what white man

In his right mind would do something so wrong

To his own people, because that is a black thing to do

Only black people shoot each other

And only black people only have a mother

And only black men deadbeats

And only black men pursue the streets

And black people harvest HIV

And black people can’t wait to have babies

But my dream job is to be the girl

To inspire the world

To accept black Americans

To realize we aren’t savages

And to help us accept us

For black women to accept that we are more than our hair

And we are worth more than our bodies we should care

About the way we present ourselves,

we are more than trophies on a shelf

And for black men to realize they are more than just muscles

To realize they are far more than just a hustle

To realize they are far more powerful as individuals

Than as gang members

If only they would remember

The amazing people we are

For the amazing things we have accomplished

And for the amazing things we will accomplish

Because as Black Americans we are the future

And as Black Americans we can succeed

And we will succeed



those were picture idk what happened


Powerful poem. Keep writing on my friend. 


thankyou so much

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