what MY dream job means to ME


what MY dream job means to ME

MY dream job in America no one takes seriousy

they say that It's foolish, that I'M being naive

they say that MY dream job can never be accomplished by ME

that I'M from a small town what do I "really" want to be

guess what in MY future I'M in front of those flashing lights

"look over here, look over there" that's all I'M going to hear

small town to big city

opinions from doubters lost in their plea for fame





I promise you're going to see me on the TV or Hall of Fame

on the runway in Paris, in your local boutique

but for now....

I'LL be working, going to college, and ignoring the hate

because to be what I'M going to be requires more strength and kowledge

to overcome the hate and ignorance from stupidity.









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