I was shy. 

I was depressed. 

I was ashamed. 

I was hopeless. 

Then I became LavaStar. 


How could I show the demons my worth. 

How could I show the demons my passion. 

How could I show the demons my loyalty. 

How could I show the demons my strength. 

How could I show the demons that I was LavaStar. 


When I learned, I was swifter than the breeze.

When I saw, I was sharper than the sharpest thorn. 

When I believed, I was more gallant than any hero. 

When I listened, I became something more. 

When I accepted, I became LavaStar.


Soon I will explore my dull world. 

Soon I will show them this passion and wonder. 

Soon I will provide them a happiness. 

Soon I will teach them what I learned. 

Soon I will be known as LavaStar. 


Eventually I will grow old. 

Eventually my teachings will be world wide. 

Eventually this wonder will be common. 

Eventually I will be a legend. 

Eventually LavaStar will be no more.



I once was shy depressed, ashamed, and hopeless. There was a mask called LavaStar.

The demons didn't know my worth,my passion, loyalty, or strength.  They didn't belive I was LavaStar.

They taught me to dodge quick, to listen for the smallest sound, to lead a team to victory, to become a zoner. They called me LavaStar.

I hope to go back to my home, give them laser tag, they will be happy, I will teach them the ways of a zoner. I will be known as a teacher, as LavaStar.

Eventually when I am old, laser tag will be as common as football.  I will be known world wide for rising laser tag from the ashes. Soon I will die knowing my passion was put to good work. 


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