Dream Job

My Dream Job is quite simple, I wanna be a Superhero

Ever since I was little Batman has been my favorite

He was a normal person doing what many believed was the impossible

But I knew, I knew nothing was impossible

When Bruce Wane first decided to become Batman

He didn’t limit himself to what he could and couldn’t do

Batman just knew that it was in him to save millions of people everyday


I wanna be Batman

I wanna save millions of people everyday

I wanna make an impact


To be a Superhero you need to have courage

Wits, stamina, and even a plan

My plan is to complete college, earn a degree

My motivation is to work as an Ambassador


I will be Batman

I will save millions of people

I will make an impact


To beat the bad guys or the problem at hand

You have to think outside of the box

You have to do things no one has ever done before

Sometimes you have to start small and work your way up
Batman didn’t just start by beating the Joker – possibly
he started by stopping a bank robbery


I am a Superhero

I did save millions

I am making an impact


Just by starting the steps to my future

It’s a small start, it will continue

To grow until my goal is complete


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